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2007 Chevrolet Corvette Bookmark

The Good :)  Massive Horsepower.  0-60 in 4.2 seconds. Exotic Car Looks.   Relatively Cheap Price Tag.  Good Gas Mileage.

The Bad :(  Uncomfortable seats.  Lack of Luggage Room.  Blue Tinted Top Roof.  Lots of wind noise with roof removed.  Interior still has foamy dash.

Engine                         V8, 6 Liters
Output                          400 hp / 400 lb-ft @4400rpm
Top Speed                   180 mph
0-60 mph 4.2 sec
Weight                         3179 lbs
Price As Tested           $44,170

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The Corvette has been the American sports car for as long as most anyone can remember.  In 2007 some improvements make it a better vehicle overall while still being the bargain for the speed happy driver.  Exotic car exterior styling combined with 400 horsepower and a very low seating position makes this exotic one great buy at its relatively low starting price. 

            The 2007 Corvette definitely has super car looks.  With a very low profile stance and a long sleek body, it compares to a Ferrari 599 GTB Giorano in length and width.  Both cars feature a long front hood, clear integrated headlights, side fins behind the front wheels, and a short and wide rear end.  Most noticeable and impressive are the three-beamed headlamps which are very similar to those found on a Ferrari.  The low beam is a Xenon HID projector lamp while the high beam is the standard halogen bulb.  Built into the lower bumper are large rectangular fog lamps.   The Corvette has a long front hood with a steep front windshield.  In the drivers seat this makes the vehicle seem larger than it actually is in numbers.  The Corvette sits low with an overall height of just 49 inches.  However, it's length is 174.6 inches with a wheelbase of 105.7 inches.  Large air vents on either side of the Corvette form a recessed body panel to the rear wheels drawing your attention to the wheels that put the power to the asphalt.  The chrome five spoke aluminum wheels reduce unsprung weight.  Front wheels are 18 inches in height while the rears are 19 inches. Large Goodyear Eagle F1 tires in size 245/40ZR are up front while the rear wheels feature 285/35ZR rubber.  These tires are run-flat which means that you can drive 100 miles with zero air pressure should you get a flat tire. 

All the body panels are made of composite light weight materials to save on weight and give the Corvette exotic car 0-60 times.  This is particularly noticeable when you open the front or rear hatches which both feel like they weigh only a few pounds.  The rear features two large circular tail lamps on each side with a Corvette checkered flag logo in the center.  Just above this is a small red brake light sliced into the top edge of the rear deck lid.  Toward the bottom are four polished 3-inch exhaust tips which signal just how much power Corvette has.  The entire exhaust system is a lightweight aluminized stainless-steel system which again saves weight and increases performance. 

            Getting into the Corvette can be a little difficult unless you're on the lighter side of the scale.  Since the Vette is so low, you have to grab onto something like the steering wheel or the door and slide into the seat.  The bucket seats allow you to really sit low with your legs almost extended flat, somewhat like sitting in a pure racing car.   With the keyless access you can keep the keys in your pocket and just push the start button located to the right of the steering wheel.  The doors, trunk, and the ignition are all electronic, which is pretty neat.  At the touch of the start button, a loud growl roars from the engine and exhaust.  All the dials turn, with their needles reaching their extremes and you wish you could go that fast on the highway.

            The seats are powered forward and back and can be raised up or down.  However the back rest is manually adjustable, and getting this just right is difficult.  We normally don't even think about adjusting the seat, but in the Vette you sit very low with your legs extended more than you would in say, a sedan or SUV.  The steering column is a manually adjustable tilt-wheel with power for-aft movement.  It also takes some time getting accustomed to the small confined space inside.  The roof line is very low with a steep front windshield and small narrow side windows.  Everything is laid out in front of the driver in a cockpit style with a large high center console separating the two passengers in the Corvette.   The steering wheel is wrapped in fine leather and was very soft to the touch.  Just behind the wheel are the optional shift paddles with a plus sign on both left and right hand side paddles.  Apparently, both paddles can do the same thing, push it forward to upshift or press it towards you to downshift.  Ideally it should be left side paddle downshift and right side paddle upshift, but I guess some people can't think straight when using both hands simultaneously.  The steering wheel also has controls for audio up/down and volume on the right hand spoke. 

The large center instrument cluster is backlit by LEDs and features two large Speed and RPM dials in the center with smaller dials for fuel, oil pressure, engine coolant and battery voltage.  There is also an information readout just below the center dial that displays tire pressure, trip computer, and engine oil life in addition to a host of other messages.  The center console is attractively designed and simple to use.  It angles slightly towards the driver which makes adjusting temperature or changing audio channels a little easier.  The standard audio system has AM/FM stereo with CD/MP3 player and comes with seven speakers.  Our vehicle had the optional Bose premium system that has an in-dash 6-disc CD changer, XM Satellite radio, seven Bose speakers.  The sound was good with deep base and good mid and high level tones. 

Below the audio unit is the automatic dual-zone climate control system.  Both the driver and passenger can set different temperature settings and the system has a digital readout for both temperature and air direction.  Our vehicle also had heated seats with buttons located just below the climate control system.  To the right of the gear shift knob is a tray that opens to reveal dual cup holders.  This is probably going to be the most used space inside because of the lack of useful storage areas in the Corvette.  We ended up throwing our phone, spare change, wallet and other things into the cup holders.  There are storage spaces in the door pockets but they are very small and not very useful.  The center armrest opens up but provides very little storage space, enough for small flat items like a few CDs. 

            There are two unique features in the Corvette that are not found in other sports cars.  One is the removable hardtop and the other is the heads-up display.  The top can be removed with a simple turn of two levers that attach it to the front windshield and one latch that secures it to the frame behind the occupants.  It literally takes less than a minute to remove and store the top into the trunk, which is very lightweight as well.  Our roof was a blue transparent color that looked a little cheesy; it felt like we were looking through the plastic windows found in some city buses.  The standard roof is body colored but if you want a transparent roof, stick to a black tinted shade. 

            The heads-up display is a pretty cool feature specially when using the paddle to shift gears.  Not only does it display engine RPMs, but also the gear you're in and the amount of G's the car is producing. The system projects this data on the front windshield in line with the drivers view.  It can easily be turned on or off via buttons located on the left of the instrument cluster.  There are a total of 10 different display combinations with views of things like temperature and oil pressure to speed and navigation directions. 

The Corvette is powered by an aluminum-block engine that produces 400 horses and 400 lb-ft of torque.  This massive torque is what makes your head hit the seatback as you floor the gas.  There aren't many other cars that can do this for less than $100K.  If you need even more power, you can go for the Z06 which produces 505 HP and 470 lb-ft of torque.  The Z06 can even handle 1.04g of lateral acceleration.  Most of us will be content with the regular Corvette which can easily handle .92g according to Chevrolet.  The suspension is made of a short/long arm double wishbone with aluminum A-arms and transverse springs.  Steering is a power rack-and-pinion setup and is speed-sensitive for greater control during high speeds.  The Corvette is easy to drive and most of us will be cruising along ocean drives rather than doing weekend SCCA events.  Driving on the highway is a blast since you have so much untapped power.  Passing cars can be done in a millisecond and you constantly have to watch your speed since it's so easy to go over any posted speed limit.  We especially liked the growl that comes out of the exhaust as you put the pedal to the metal.  Hopefully speed limits will be removed someday soon and highways will return to being freeways where you can actually travel great distances in a short time.  Right now we are really no progressing in American roads but rather going slower than people were traveling in 1950.  What a sad realization.  It is time to complain to you law makers.  You can even show-off in parking lots by just parking it and stepping on the gas; the noise is intoxicating. 

Stopping power comes courtesy of four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes.  Front brakes are 12.8 inches in diameter while the rear are 12 inches.  We felt that rear brakes looked a little too small considering that you can easily seem them through the large opening in the thin 5-spoke wheels.  The braking feel wasn't as good as in a Porsche and sometimes we even wondered if they were strong enough to stop the Corvette from its higher limits.  For comparisons, in the Z51 Performance package you get 13.4 inch diameter front disc and 13 inch rear.  In the Z06, you get even better braking power thanks to 14 inch front disc and 13.4 inch rear.   This makes the standard brake system look minuscule in comparison. 

            With the automatic transmission, you can manually shift using the paddles or place the car in 'S' mode for a more sporty gear shift.  In this mode, there is a more aggressive shift calibrations and better acceleration.  Remember to shift it to 'S' the next time you want to race a Dodge Viper at a red light. 

On several occasions we tried both automatic 'S' mode and also manual shifting via the lever.  However, since the Corvette has so much torque under the hood, it doesn't really make much of a difference since you can get monster acceleration at any speed or gear.  During normal driving around town, the Corvette rides below two-thousand RPM offering a quiet and smooth V8 engine ride.  We would need to go to the track to even think of experiencing the Corvettes true capabilities. 

            There are a host of safety features found in the Corvette.  Standard are front driver and passenger air bags.  There is also traction control so if a wheel spins, the system slows the wheel and diverts power to other wheels.  You also have antilock brakes which prevent lockup when heavily braking.  The Corvette comes with a 3-year 36,000 mile limited warranty.  The estimated EPA numbers are 17 city and 27 highway, but we managed a mixed average of 20mpg.  This is still quite impressive considering that a 500 hp Mercedes SL55 gets only 12 mpg.

            Our test car began at $44,170 with a destination charge of $825.  Optional items were the Preferred Equipment Group for $4,945 which included a upgraded stereo system, heads up display, heated seats, dimming mirrors, memory seats, side air bags, power seats and steering wheel controls.  Chrome aluminum wheels add $1,850.  The paddle transmission ads $1250.  The removable transparent roof is $750.  There are also more options such as the magnetic suspension which we would recommend you add to your vehicle. 

            Overall the Corvette is a vehicle that will attract its buyer.  You will either like it or will not like it.  For collectors, it is a must have in the garage.  For those seeking more driving feel, a Porsche will be more enjoyable.  But if you do not have a lot of money and want a new car, then the Corvette may be your best bet for exotic looks and loads of power under the hood.  Hopefully future versions will be more refined in interior trim, drivability and ergonomics. 

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COMPARISONS 2007 Chevrolet Corvette
2dr Hatchback (6.0L 8cyl 6M)
2007 Ford Shelby GT500
2dr Coupe (5.4L 8cyl S/C 6M)
2006 Dodge Viper
SRT-10 2dr Coupe (8.3L 10cyl 6M)
2007 Porsche Cayman
2dr Coupe (2.7L 6cyl 5M)
2007 BMW 6 Series
650i 2dr Coupe (4.8L 8cyl 6M)
MSRP $44,250 $40,930 $83,145 $49,400 $74,700
Invoice $39,604 $37,008 $75,704 Being Researched $68,725
Basic 3 yr. / 36000 mi. 3 yr. / 36000 mi. 3 yr. / 36000 mi. 4 yr. / 50000 mi. 4 yr. / 50000 mi.
Drivetrain 5 yr. / 100000 mi. 5 yr. / 60000 mi. 3 yr. / 36000 mi. 4 yr. / 50000 mi. 4 yr. / 50000 mi.
Roadside 5 yr. / 100000 mi. 5 yr. / 60000 mi. 3 yr. / 36000 mi. 4 yr. / 50000 mi. 4 yr. / Unlimited mi.
Rust 6 yr. / 100000 mi. 5 yr. / Unlimited mi. 5 yr. / 100000 mi. 10 yr. / Unlimited mi. 12 yr. / Unlimited mi.
Base Engine V8 V8 V10 flat 6 V8
Base Engine Displacement 6.0 liters 5.4 liters 8.3 liters 2.7 liters 4.8 liters
Valvetrain 16 Valves
overhead valves (OHV)
32 Valves
double overhead cam (DOHC)
20 Valves
overhead valves (OHV)
24 Valves
double overhead cam (DOHC)
32 Valves
double overhead cam (DOHC)
Horsepower 400 hp @ 6000 rpm 500 hp @ 6000 rpm 510 hp @ 5600 rpm 245 hp @ 6500 rpm 360 hp @ 6300 rpm
Torque 400 ft-lbs. @ 4400 rpm 480 ft-lbs. @ 4500 rpm 535 ft-lbs. @ 4100 rpm 201 ft-lbs. @ 4600 rpm 360 ft-lbs. @ 3400 rpm
Tires P285/35R19 Z
run flat
P285/40R18 Z
P345/30ZR19 Z
run flat
235/50R17 Z
245/45R18 V
run flat
Wheels painted alloy
19 x 10.0 in.
polished alloy
18 x 9.5 in.
19 x 13.0 in.
17 x 8.0 in.
18 x 8.0 in.
Xenon Headlights Standard Not Available Standard Optional Standard
Navigation System DVD navigation system w/voice activation - Optional DVD navigation system - Optional Not Available DVD navigation system - Optional DVD navigation system w/voice activation
City 18 mpg. 15 mpg. 12 mpg. 23 mpg. 17 mpg.
Highway 28 mpg. 21 mpg. 20 mpg. 32 mpg. 24 mpg.
Length 174.6 in. 188 in. 175.5 in. 172.1 in. 190.2 in.
Width 72.6 in. 73.9 in. 75.2 in. 70.9 in. 73 in.
Height 49 in. 54.5 in. 48.6 in. 51.4 in. 54.1 in.
Weight 3179 lbs. 3920 lbs. 3380 lbs. 2866 lbs. 3814 lbs.
Wheel Base 105.7 in. 107.1 in. 98.8 in. 95.1 in. 109.4 in.
Front Headroom 37.9 in. 38.6 in. 36.5 in. 37.8 in. 37.6 in.
Front Shoulder Room 55.2 in. 55.4 in. 54.1 in. 51.5 in. 56.4 in.



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